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Liability Waiver and Policies

A Good Dog's Life Training Center is a well respected and recommended Training Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Each instructor will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for the training of my dog/s and will endeavor to offer only proven sound, safe and responsible training instructions. However, I understand I have requested the right to participate in a dog class, private or workshop at AGDL Training Center. Such an enrollment has been made of my own initiative, and; I understand that attendance and training instruction during any session of any kind is not without risk to myself, members of my family, guests who may attend, or my dog/s. Some of the dogs to which I will be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care, and;

I understand that the recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of my satisfaction with that product or service.

I also am and will remain responsible for the actions of my dog, members of my family, and guests who may attend at all times.

In consideration of, and as inducement to the acceptance of my application for training at this Training Center, I fully understand that if I participate, I accept such inherent risks to myself, members of my family, guests who may attend, and my dog/s.

Thank you for permitting me to participate in such training I have selected. I do hereby waive, release, and forever discharge (hold harmless) the instructor and Wilson and Hubbard, LLC (a.k.a. A Good Dog's Life Training Center) and its owners, their agents, directors, employees, and/or representatives from any or all liability as a result of personal injuries or loss or damage of property (including my canine/s, members of family, or accompanying guests) caused during such training or activity.

I the undersigned, also agree to indemnify Wilson and Hubbard, LLM (a.k.a. A Good Dog's Life Training Center), its owners, their agents, directors, employees, and/or representatives from all loss and expense, including but not limited to damages, legal expenses and cost of defense, in any manner, arising from my use of said properties.

In addition to the aforementioned payment of damages, said individual(s) and their canine(s) in violation of this agreement may be expelled from the training or activity with
no refund.

Facility rules that participant further agrees to:

  • Payment must be received at the time of registration or mailed shortly after registration unless you hear from the instructor
  • All canines must be in good health and have required vaccinations
  • All canines shall be off lead only while instructors work calls for such action
  • All canines must be kept under control at all times
  • No females in heat will attend class (some exceptions will apply, ask your instructor)

AGDL Training Center reserves the right to decline entry to any dog who presents a behavior issue that may be overly aggressive, disruptive, or that may be exacerbated by participation in a
group class.

Cancellation Policy:
A $30 fee will be charged for cancellations made more than seven (7) days after a class or series begins. No refunds are issued for missed classes. You should contact your instructor if you have any questions.

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