Not saying I'm proud of this ... but, I may have pushed him with the distractions, but he worked it out. 
Training is always a balance between the ultimate goal (behavior) and keeping a happy, healthy working relationship. 
Another way to put that would be ... Training is a balance between the status quo (when things happen exactly as expected without a lot of acknowledgment, time after time, or when the dog gets bored ... etc.) and being a gambler that is created by your patience and questions you ask. It's knowing how to be a gambler while using a WOW surprise as a special surprise for your dog. 

When your dog works through the question and answers it right through chosen behavior, chemicals in the brain create positive emotions, namely optimism, confidence, relaxation. Yes, calm reactions are experiences. This creates an increased likelihood of taking future risks in hopes of experiencing another WOW surprise.
The real life application could be heightened understanding of what rate of reinforcement is needed to keep and hold your dogs interest.  Real life offers that struggle to balance when walking about. It's a balance between the environment and the WOW surprise reward you offer.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to increase your dogs confidence and coping skills, please contact Gail Hubbard at A Good Dog's Life.


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After you take your dog(s) out for some fun-family activities shared with just you and your dog(s)! Where will you go that is different over this Memorial Day weekend? Thanks Shane and Krystal for sharing. See how Coal and Heidi rest after an outing with Mom and Dad. #leavingatrace #makingmemories #dog_family_fun

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